Friday, 18 April 2014

It's Almost Time

It is almost time for the annual genealogy research tour to Edinburgh. In the final days, last minute preparations are being made. It almost feels like the old Christmas song, having made my list, I find myself checking it twice:

  • Make sure that my Family Tree is up to date. Making it portable. I have it on my laptop that I can access the information in Scotland.
  • Make a list of all of the documents I already have copies or originals of. This will prevent me wasting time searching for information I already have.
  • Knowing I will be able to see births newer than 100 years, marriage records newer than 75 years and death records newer than 50 years, Iwant to make a list of the more recent records to look at while in Edinburgh.
  • Know what each repository has in its collections to assist me further with my research.  
  • Write out my brick walls and thinking about what I want to find out to help break these down.
  • Make sure that my passport is valid and up to date.

  • Remembering to pack my NLS card, my NAS readers ticket and my Glasgow library card.
  • Pack extra batteries, camera cards, power cords, USB sticks and and other accessories that I might need for pictures, accessing my family tree and of course, blogging.
  • Pack adapters for the change in electrical voltage in Scotland.

  • Pack pencils. Pens are not allowed in the repositories.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April 2015 Tour 40% Full

Although still a year away the April 2015 tour is popular and is filling quickly.

As a result of several talks and two conferences, this tour is filling quickly. It is anticipated that by June, this tour will be fully booked.
The April 2015 tour dates are April 19-28.
If you are interested in joining us, please book soon so as not to lose out. A spot can be held for 14 days after which time, a deposit is required. Your spot is not guaranteed until payment in full has been received.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Added Tours Are Filling Quickly!

Two tours have been added for genealogy research in Scotland. The first tour takes place December 1 - 10 2014 and the second runs from April 19-28, 2015. This second tour includes the Scottish Association of Family History Societies Conference in Stirling.

Don't miss out on the chance to visit your ancestral homeland, to gain access to records not available online and to walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.

Book NOW at:

Thursday, 13 March 2014

2015 Tour Dates Have Been Set

The spring genealogy research tour in Edinburgh has been scheduled for April 19 - 28, 2015. Please note that this tour will include the opportunity to take part in the annual Scottish Family History Societies Conference, being held in Stirling on April 25th.

This will lessen the time available to you to travel to the part of Scotland where your ancestors lived, so you may wish to stay in Scotland beyond the research tour in order to get to your ancestral home area. You will benefit more from this visit once you have completed your research, so plan to stay longer rather than arrive earlier.

Conference fees will be covered in the Tour fees, but transportation to Stirling will be an additional, nominal charge, payable on the day.

The 2015 tour is already booking up and space is limited in order to maximize the research experience. If you would like to join us in Edinburgh to research your family history onsite, and gain access to records not available online, visit the website at:
to reserve your place on the tour.

Second Tour Added for 2014

A second genealogy research tour has been added for 2014 for those who don't wish to wait until the spring.

The dates are of the tour are December 1 - 10. If you arrive a couple of days early, you can take in St Andrew's Day festivities. By this time, Princes St Gardens will also have been transformed into a Winter Wonderland complete with a skating rink and carousel. And St. Andrews Square will also take centre stage with a carousel and ferris wheel.

All of the main tourist attractions are open year round, with altered opening hours from the summer months, so you can still take in the museums and historical sites that you have been wanting to see.

The format of the tour itinerary will remain the same, including time to travel to the area of Scotland where your ancestors lived, or to take in the sights, sounds and festivities of Edinburgh in all of its Christmas splendor.

If you would like to join us in Edinburgh to research your family history onsite, and gain access to records not available online, visit the website at:
to reserve your place on the tour.

Friday, 29 November 2013


Day 1: Today is a day of arrival. It is a bank holiday. Banks, post offices and other government buildings will be closed. Tourist attractions and museums are open. We will meet in the hotel meeting room in the evening. Ian Walker of Borders Journeys will join us for those who wish to finalize their trip details with him. 

Day 2: Following breakfast, we will be taken to Scotland’s People Centre. Here we will enjoy a Family History Event, which is not only an introduction to the facility but also a workshop on Scottish Research as well. Coffee and tea will be provided during this event. You are free to research for the remainder of the day. 

Day 3: For the next two days, the group will be split into two. One half of the group will return to ScotlandsPeople Centre for a full day of research. The other half of the group will make our way over to the Scottish Genealogy Society. Here, we will take part in a Family History event to learn about the resources available at the Society and to assist in moving forward in our Scottish research. The SGS has MIs, burial records, census indices and directories. 

Day 4:  Today will be a reverse of yesterday. The group that went to the Scottish Genealogy Society yesterday will enjoy a full day of research at ScotlandsPeople Centre. The other half of the group will make our way over to the Scottish Genealogy Society for a Family History Event and tour of the Society.

Tonight we will meet as a group for a Ghosts and Graveyards Tour through City of the Dead Tours. This tour explores the rich history of the old town, and includes a tour of the underground vaults as well as a late night tour of Greyfriars Graveyard. The Graveyard part of the tour takes us within the confines of the covenanters prison. This area of the graveyard is normally locked. This tour is optional. For those wishing to join us, the fees will be covered.

Day 5:  Following breakfast, we will walk over to the National Library. Here we will be shown a presentation on what the Library has to offer then given a quick tour. You will require a temporary library card in order to research here. The card is free.  

The weekend is open for anyone wishing to travel to their ancestral part of Scotland, or simply just to  sightsee.    

Day 8: Arrangements can be made for you to attend the genealogy society in the area where your ancestors lived to provide you with the social history details you won't necessarily get elsewhere. If this is at a distance, you might want to also spend the weekend in the area to gain a better sense of who your ancestors were and then attend the local genealogy society on the Monday, prior to your return to Edinburgh. If you choose to stay locally, you can return to ScotlandsPeople Centre, the National Records of Scotland or the Scottish Genealogy Society. Or you can head to Glasgow to the Mitchell Library and the Glasgow Archives.

Day 9:  Following breakfast, we will return to ScotlandsPeople Centre for a full day of research. The evening will be spent at the Taste of Scotland Show 

Day 10: Following breakfast, we will check out of the hotel so you can transfer back to Glasgow airport or move on to your next stop in Scotland.